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09 Oct

If you're looking for unique, one-of-a-type rugs for your home or office, why not visit the Rug  city Shop? They've been a premier rug retailer for many years in both Toronto and Vancouver, BC, but now you can experience an international rug store with the same high quality, luxurious designs and excellent customer service as the "Rug Shop" on wheels!

Vintage Rug Shop sources one-of-a kind hand-made textiles and handmade products from around the world, hand-picked by Brittany Chinaglia. From vibrant geometric designs to neutral pastel colors, can't have enough of the incredible TRANSITIONAL rugs, blankets, pillow cases, and all-new artwork collection that she has created for her customers! You'll also enjoy a wide selection of unique custom rugs for your homes, offices, and other establishments, including rugs for children and pets. Visit this vintage gem today to experience the best in hand-crafted, high quality hand-knitted rugs and art for your home or office decor.  

From antique rugs to classic hand-knotted rugs and accessories, the Rug Store stocks rugs for every taste and every decor. From vintage to modern and everything in between, you'll find it hard to get bored! Whether you're looking for handcrafted textiles, or you want to spruce up your office with a fresh new coat of paint, you'll find everything here at the Rug Shop.

Whether you have a contemporary apartment, or you're looking for more than just towels, the Rug Shop can help you find unique accessories and decorative pieces that will accent any room. Not only will you find designer towels, but you'll also find a huge selection of unique towel accessories, including shower curtains, shower mats, hand towels, hand drying bags, bath robes, towel holders, and more. If you're looking for something a little more special, try checking out the gift sets that they offer.

Don't worry about getting too carried away because at the Rug Shop, nothing is ever too much! The great thing about the store is that they have everything, from hand woven rugs to designer rugs and decorative accessories to hand knitted carpets, in stock - it's available to you all at once! No matter what you're looking for, you'll be sure to find it here at this top notch local rug shop. So whether you're looking for a unique piece of artwork, custom hand-knitted carpet, or a beautiful, one-of-a-a-kind design, you're sure to find it here at the Raggedy Barn!

It's easy to make the most of your time at the shop. No matter what kind of rug you need, there are a number of professionals at hand ready to answer all of your questions about buying and selling rugs. So you don't have to wonder how to tell if this store is the right place for your rug shopping needs. Whether you're looking for an authentic hand-woven rug, or a stylish contemporary look, no matter what kind of hand made rugs or unique accessories you're looking for, we're glad that you've come to us.  Check out this post to get more info on the topic:

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